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Online UPS for Tetra Packing and Filling

Tetra packing, where preferred processing and packaging of food is the business, the cost of downtime is extremely high, and the Online UPS for these applications are adequately designed with redundancy.

Anticipated Fault Alarm via GSM-SMS and with operator PC interface communication ensures pre-trip preventive measures in case of an eventuality. The typical power curve requirement is similar to process machineries.

Quality power is the prime infrastructure of any business process and a basic need of any successful sustaining operations, which is seldom given the importance that it requires. Due importance and budget is allotted for procurement of capital equipment but minimum effort is often put on providing an environment for it to function to the optimum; quality power being the foremost of it. The factors contributing to the system failure is not limited only to power failure but also on the premature failure of any electronic or electrical devices which could lead to a complete system failure. The reason for this kind of premature failure of electronic components is primarily due to the poor quality of power. Hence, importance should not only be given for power availability but also for quality power availability.

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  • 120 KVA - 5 NO'S Warana for Juice packing

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