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Online UPS for Multiplexes & Cinema Halls

The Online UPS designed for multiplex is designed for high surge of the projector (three Phase load) and the imbalanced single phase loads. The special voltage regulation loop in the UPS ensures tight voltage +1% (phase to phase; and phase to neutral) and low levels of phase shift even under the most extreme load imbalances.

The UPS is capable of instantaneous 100% loading without derating in the voltage Total Harmonic Distortion.

Active Input Power Factor Correction is highly recommended feature. It makes the UPS compatible with generator, avoids the heating of distribution transformer and the input switchgear most importantly saves energy. It also prevents the injection of impurities and harmonics back to the source.

With a current THD less than 5% and input PF of 0.99, the UPS is guaranteed to protect the upstream sensitive equipments. The UPS is utility friendly and generator compatible.

As against half-bridge topology used by many, we use H-bridge topology at the output, significantly improving reliability, reducing voltage stress on switching devices, avoiding imbalance at the output and eliminating saturation of transformer load. (Transformer-less, so called compact, high-frequency UPS is designed with half bridge topology to save cost).

The PC and mobile phone interface helps to monitor and manage the UPS from a remote and also enables the user to activate a preventive action from ungraceful shuntdown of the UPS.

The redundancy options available are cross parallel load sharing redundancy. With this feature two UPS systems are used to take care of redundancy in the event of failure of one of the UPS. The load gets power from the other UPS without any interruption.

Prestigious customers

  • 80KVA Adlabs Delhi
  • 15KVA / 20KVA at Rex Bengaluru
  • 10 KVA Murali

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