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Online UPS for Knitting, Wire and bag making

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Online UPS for Knitting, wire and bag making

Online UPS specially designed for LDPE, LLDPE, HMHDPE, P.P Rolls & Bags manufacturing, aluminum, Teflon and copper wire manufacturing, automated knitting machine.

Most often the solution for a particular problem becomes a source of another problem. This is true even in the case of Online UPS. The UPS pollutes the input power source by injecting harmonic current back into it.

We incorporate Active Input Power factor correction in our GN series of Online UPS Systems using advanced electronic circuitry integrating high performance IGBTs. These reduces the running cost in terms of electricity bill and prevent the overrating of electrical wires, reduce reflected harmonies back to the source and provides better utility of grid/generator power.

With a current THD less than 5% and input PF of 0.99, the UPS is guaranteed to protect the upstream sensitive equipments. The UPS is utility friendly and generator compatible.

Due importance and budget is allotted for procurement of capital equipment but minimum effort is often put on providing an environment for it to function to the optimum; quality power being the foremost of it. The factors contributing to the system failure is not limited only to power failure but also on the premature failure of any electronic or electrical devices which could lead to a complete system failure.

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