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PFC series 101


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PFC-101series is a double conversion single phase input-single phase output Online UPS with Active Input Power Factor Correction upto 0.99 and with less than 10% input current harmonics.

True Online UPS PFC Series Specially designed for sensitive loads PFC-series provides comprehensive power protection from ground noise, polluted neutral, lightning and ground drifts using galvanic isolation between input and output.

It offers superior levels of protection against all the input power-related problems and provides regenerated, clean, network grade, high quality power to the connected loads.

Apart from providing backup on power failure a good UPS should also act as a good power conditioner and this is what PFC-101 does by providing international levels of voltage and frequency stabilization.

Hot swappable battery option enables the faulty batteries to be replaced, even as the UPS continues to power the loads.

The UPS is utility friendly and generator compatible and prevents the overrating of electrical wires, reduce reflected harmonies back to the source.
PFC-101provides better utility of power optimizing the generator and the input power transformer.

Our esteemed customers have been using PFC 101 models for various applications across the country from past 4yrs and have certified the performance of the same.


  • Desktops
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Photocopiers
  • Home theaters
  • LCD and LED sign boards
  • Browsing & internet centers
  • Tread mills and gym
  • MRI & CT scanners
  • Beauty parlors EMS
  • Educational institution
  • Critical & emergency lighting
  • Security & surveillance
  • Solar applications
  • Windmill application

Technical Specification

Note: The details given below are for PFC 101 Series True online UPS of capacity 10 KVA. Certain parameters like Input Current, Charging Current etc. will vary as per the capacity.


PFC Series Online UPS MODEL PFC 101


Technology Double conversion Online with the latest MPWM technology using IGBT
DC Bus 192 V
Rating 10 KVA


Input current harmonic distortion(THDi) 25 % Load < 25%
50 % Load < 15%
75 % Load < 12%
100 % Load < 10%
Input Frequency 50Hz ± 10%
Input PFC 25 % Load 0.94
50 % Load 0.97
75 % Load 0.98
100 % Load 0.99
Input Voltage 230 V AC Single Phase
Input Voltage Window 170-270 V
Maximum Input Current 25 % Load 15 A
50 % Load 29 A
75 % Load 41 A
100 % Load 55 A
Nominal Input Current 25 % Load 11 A
50 % Load 22 A
75 % Load 32 A
100 % Load 43 A
Power walk in Soft start for 0-20 seconds power walk-in.


Overall Efficiency 25 % Load > 86 %
50 % Load > 87 %
75 % Load > 88 %
100 % Load > 89 %


Protecting the Load
Neutral drift
Neutral failure
EMI & Harmonics in the input neutral
High voltage transient protection & Electrostatic discharge protection as per IEC 62040-2
Galvanic isolation provides complete isolation between output neutral and Input & the the output is fully protected against neutral drifts, voltage avalanches like lighting & input harmonics commonly found in the input side.
Output short circuit with pulse by pulse current limit up to 200 micro secs.Protects 300% for 15 msecs,500% for 5 msec & 1000% for 1.5 msec of the rated current Protects against false tripping & complete shutdown in case of surge power drawn by the load (non linear loads)
Output Single Phase prevention Protects the connected three phase loads & its components from premature failure
Output Under Voltage
Output Over Voltage
Protects the load and its components from premature failure


Input / Low / Fail
Output Overload
Over Temperature
Battery low
Alarms A potential free contact is built in with which a hooter can be activated to notify the abnormal condition.


Converter Protection Advanced Electronic Protection for device safety backed up with MCB's & fast acting fuses
Ripple Voltage < 2%
Type IGBT based full bridge
Voltage Regulation (±) 1%


Crest Factor 3:1
Frequency 50Hz ± 0.1Hz
Inverter Type IGBT based MPWM with instantaneous Sinewave Control
Mode of Operation Designed for Continuous operation
Nominal output Current 34.8 A
Nominal Voltage 220VAC / 230VAC
Over Load Capacity 100 % Load Continuous
125 % Load 1 Minute
150 % Load 5 Seconds
Power Factor 0.8 lag
Regulation (±) 1%
Switching Frequency 16.4 KHz
Total Harmonic Distortion Linear Load < 2%
Non Linear Load < 5%
Transient Response Remains within ± 5% & recover to normal within 20 msec
Waveform True Sinewave


Inverter Protection Advanced Electronic Protection for device safety backed up with MCB's & fast acting fuses, high speed pulse by pulse electronic device protection over voltage / under voltage protection, Electronic over current trip with reset.
Isolation True Online with complete galvanic isolation.


Efficiency 99.50 %
Manual Bypass Provided
Static bypass(Optional)
Transfer Time Mains to Inverter 12-14 ms
Inverter to Mains 12-14 ms
Volatage Range 180-250 V


Battery Low advance warning at 176 V
Battery Low cut off at 168 V
Battery Type SMF/ Tubular
Charger IGBT Based
Charger Type CVCC
Charging Current Optional 1-10 A On Request
Charging Current Standard 1-6 A
Voltage 12 V x 16 - 192 VDC


Acoustic Noise level <60db @ 1.5 meter
Altitude < 3000 Feet above sea level (without derating)
Ambient Temperature 0 to 40 Deg C
Extreme climatic conditions AC Environment is required if the temperature goes beyond the normal operating temperature (0-40 deg C)
Humidity Up to 95% RH Non condensing
Storage Temperature -10 to 70 Deg C


Cable Entry Front side bottom
Cooling Forced Air
Dimensions in mm - D X H X W & Weight (approximate) 10 KVA/120VDC 700 X 650 X 340 - 90 Kg
Enclosure Protection Grade IP - 20
Testing Standard As per IEC 62040 - 3

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