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True Online UPS for CT/MRI Scanners

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IPL (Input Power Limiting)

EC-IPL 303 Online UPS from ARVI is specially designed for MRI and CT scanners which will enable a MRI/ CT scanner to work on a lower sanctioned power (approximately by 60%).

UPS for CT/MRI Scanners This facility reduces the power demand and reduces the cost of input transformer, generator, initial deposit for power sanction and recurring electrical bills in hospital requirement diagnostic centers who would have difficulty in availing higher KVA power sanctions. (Approximately 40KVA against a power requirement of 120KVA).

MRI scanners draw high-surge power from the connected Online UPS during scanning and draw very low power during standby conditions. The EC-IPL 303 model of Online UPS has built-in facility to automatically limit the input power drawn from the mains/ from generator. During the intermittent peak power demand from the load, the mains as well as the battery share the DC required by the inverter to function.

Online UPS specially designed for MRI and CT scanners will enable a MRI/ CT scanner to work on a lower sanctioned power (approximately by 60%).

The battery will be optimally selected to compensate for the load current for the typical peak power requirement as well as to back up for the required period in the eventuality of a power failure.

Special design for sensitive voltage regulations.

Prevent unstable power from damaging your expensive equipment and from unexpected interruption of diagnostic process due to spurious tripping or a complete breakdown of equipment because of power fluctuations.

Arvi has a special design for medical equipment where 200VAC phase-phase is required with tight voltage regulation of ±1% even under highly dynamically varying load. The load on the UPS varies from 20%-110% when the scanner with X-Ray turns ON and the phase-phase voltage and phase-neutral voltage regulation is very critical to the sensitive multi-slice CT scanners.

Comprehensive power protection.

Mains grade raw power contains impurities and large percentages of harmonics injected into the line by various non-linear loads. The common problem of neutral drift can produce considerable increase in output voltage and permanently destroy the power supply of the CT scanner.

Provides protection to connected loads against lightning. Galvanic isolation via transformer is the only way to safely protect loads from lightning. It provides protection from high energy transients, which are clamped at the AC input from propagating to the output.

The UPS output could be locally grounded at the load, reducing the noise voltage produced across the common mode impedance by the circulation of noise currents among the critical load equipment.

Provides complete human safety for operating personal and the patient.

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