Solar charge Controller


Intelligent transfer switch automatically transfer the load between solar and grid and ensures maximum utilization of solar power.

  • Convert* any existing Online UPS Offline UPS / Inverter to a Solar based system.
  • 100% Indegenous - designed in our end-end full fledged in-house R&D.
  • Available for OEMs.
  • Export Compliant.
  • Ensures Battery charge level reaches 100%
  • Ensures 100% Battery charge for Night-discharge
  • Fully DSP Controlled
  • MPPT based Technology
  • Industrial Grade Design



  • Deep discharge protection by adjusting the DOD level setting Day time battery discharge protections for night operated load.
  • User friendly LCD display energy meter to read Solar Power, Energy in units (kWh), various status and parameters of the charge controller.
  • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) Technology (unlike the conventional PWM) ensures maximum utilisation of the available solar power.
  • Depending on need the solar wattage can be upgraded in phases, initially the solar module can be selected only to charge the batteries to provide backup during power failure, gradually the capacity of panels can be upgraded to cater the entire load.


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