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MPPT Solar charge controller/power manager

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MPPT Solar Charge Controller


  • DSP based technology, Intelligent MPPT tracking
  • Rugged, high reliability - long life design using IGBT
  • High converter efficiency (>96%)
  • Computer interface via RS-232/RJ45 allow to monitor and store solar data application.
  • 35% extra battery life using temperature compensated float-cum-boost battery charger.

Compliance certified as per IEC 62509:2010 by NABL certified lab.

Convert existing Online UPS Offline UPS/Inverter to a Solar based system

Intelligent transfer switch automatically transfer the load between solar and grid and ensures maximum utilization of solar power.

Depending on need the solar wattage can be upgraded in phases, initially the solar module can be selected only to charge the batteries to provide backup during power failure, gradually the capacity of panels can be upgraded to cater the entire load.

Deep discharge protection by adjusting the DOD level setting

Day time battery discharge protections for night operated load

User friendly LCD display energy meter to read solar power, energy in units (kWh), various status and parameters of the charge controller - Facilitates the efficiency evaluation of the solar installation.

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