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Windmill UPS/Inverter with MPPT

Grid Sharing Windmill UPS 3KVA-50KVA.

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Windmill UPS
ARVI windmill inverter with MPPT is one of the No. 1 windmill inverters manufactured in India indigenously. Depending on the power curve provided by the turbine manufacturer, the MPPT is customized for best efficiency.

The Grid sharing windmill UPS uses the grid and the windmill in parallel;
windmill as the primary source and grid as the secondary source.

  • Configuration Grid sharing
  • Sharing Method - Parallel Operation of Wind and Grid Power
  • Sharing percentage 0-100% , depending on the availability of wind power against the power demand of the load.
  • Technology - MPPT Converter using PWM technology
  • Reverse Protection Using Diode
  • Back feed Protection using Reverse diode
  • Excellent load sharing between wind and grid
  • Ensures 100% utilization of wind power by using highly efficient MPPT wind converter.
  • Rugged industrial grade IGBT inverter with complete galvanic isolation ensures high quality power delivery.
  • High efficiency battery charger using temperature compensated float cum boost charger ensures extended battery life.

Windmill UPS


The intelligent module utilizes the entire power available from windmill and the remaining power from the mains if there is a shortfall. The windmill supplies the power to the load and also charges the batteries during normal load demand conditions; however, during the peak demand of the load is higher the difference of power from mains grid.

Grid sharing windmill inverter ensures 100% utilization of available power.


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