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Power Conditioning* True Online UPS for OEM / Export

3KVA & 5KVA - 1ph-1ph

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Import Substitute, Export Compliant DSP, SNMP, PFC, IGBT based technology.

Long life design

10 years of product life even under unreliable, poor quality power supply. Extends the life of your load and the uptime of your process by 40% as compared to conventional Online UPS. Considering the loss of downtime and the amount of investment on infrastructure this calls for a serious consideration.

Service friendly design - Can be serviced by any personnel with minimum training.

Indigenous design with Service friendly design International standards.

  • AIPFC (0.99PF, 10% THDi)
  • IGBT invertor and convertor
  • H-brige inverter with isolationtransformer at the output
  • SNMP compliant
  • Solar conversion compatible
  • Certified as per IEC 62040-3 by leading NABL accredited lab
  • 4 LINE LCD display
  • Industrial long life topology -Export compliant design

Why Power Conditioning

" Fluctuating voltages and frequency are the prime cause of premature failure of electrical components and critical equipment " according to power experts. In India the incoming utility voltage fluctuates, frequency drifts and the quality of waveform is distorted. The imported Online UPS are designed assuming clean power environment of their country and hence would not serve the purpose of power-conditioning.


  • Reduces electrical breakdown by 40%.
  • Prolong the life of your equipment by 40%
  • Increase of productivity and the peace of mind with uninterrupted functioning

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