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Online UPS for Laser cutting

Ensures not just backup power but Quality Power Availability

High in-rush current handling capability (when the laser beam is produced), Phase to phase and phase to neutral is very critical in these models, the output voltage THD has to be as low as possible for these loads, which specialization is incorporated in this model.

Mains grade raw power contains impurities and large percentages of harmonics injected into the line by various non-linear loads. The common problem of neutral drift can produce considerable increase in output voltage and permanently destroy your critical loads and data. This kind of abnormal voltage shoot will cause pre-mature failure of power supply and other sensitive parts inside the printer.

Galvanic isolation at the output provided complete isolation between input and output; the printer load is totally protected from all the input neutral harmonics. Isolation transformers ensure human safety by isolating the two sides of the circuit electrically, preventing a DC fault from flowing to the AC side, and an AC leakage current from developing a potential between the input and ground. Isolated output enhances the attenuation of common mode noise by increasing the impedance between the input and output of the UPS.

Galvanic isolation via transformer is the only way to safely protect loads from lightning. It provides protection from high energy transients, which are clamped at the AC input from propagating to the output. The UPS output could be locally grounded at the load, reducing the noise voltage produced across the common mode impedance by the circulation of noise currents among the critical load equipment.

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  • 100KVA -2 No, 160KVA -1 no at IMOP, Tada, Chennai

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