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For Bank Tenders & Projects, OEMs, Dealers, Distributors, Exports, Industrial Applications

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  • OEM Manufacturing since 1998
  • PFC Online UPS
  • Solar Power solutions
  • Customised power solutions
  • Power backup solutions
  • Industrial grade-harsh environment design
  • 100% Indigeneous-easy servicable
  • Fully DSP controlled single card design



Featured Product

Power saving power backup solutions.


Saves electricity bills by 35%-40% for office, schools, industrial applications...

PFC Online UPS


  • Power-conditioning topology
  • Power factor corrected
  • DSP technology
  • Event logging & SNMP
  • Regenerative load handling

Solar Power Solutions

  • MPPT based, DSP controlled
  • Solar PCU 3KW-150KW
  • Solar GSS PCU - 10KW-150KW
    Works without battery and mains reference.
  • Solar charge controller with intelligent power management.
  • Convert any UPS/inverter to solar, Retrofit, Do It Yourself.

Customised Power Solutions

  • Online UPS specially designed for CT & MRI scanners
  • Customised coventional & MPPT based solar PCU & CC
  • Saftey/Emergency lighting UPS as per code compliance
  • Petrol pump, Lift & conveyors UPS/ inverter with ARD
  • Frequency converter 60HZ, 400HZ, 1Ø & 3Ø


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