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Uninterupted power is the prime infrastructure of any business-process and a basic need of any successful sustaining operations. With the increase of atomization of process and production lines, to reduce costs, improve quality and productivity, nothing could be more expensive than the interruption of the production line due to the interruption of power. The cost of such breakdown could mean wastage of raw material, labor to set the production in place and more importantly potential damage of customer relation due to delivery delays.

GI 303sr is an Industrial UPS for uninterrupted operation of process machines of automated and such applications during generator changeover.

Areas of Application

  • Flicker-free operation of lights during power failure, generator start and retransfer.
  • IT parks,Pharma process Inspection tables in garment and marble exports units.
  • Zero jerk operation of Lifts and Elevators during power failure, generator starts and retransfers.

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